Our Mission
  • Games as a Marketing Instrument

    Games are a universal part of the human experience. Gamers subject themselves to game rules through their own free will for the sake of fun, relaxation, the sense of achievement and nothing less than self-affirmation. In contrast to traditional marketing techniques, which are most of the time perceived as a disruption or even an annoyance, a well-designed game can excite, involve, fascinate and bond customers to your brand. Just imagine people interacting voluntarily and intensely with your brand, product or key message; not just for seconds (until they click the ad away) but for several minutes, enjoying the experience, willing to spread the word, to share the link or to post results in social networks. That's what a good game can do, if it's tailored to your target group's mood, needs, preferences and lifestyle.

  • Gamification = User Motivation

    We know that gamification is a buzzword. Nonetheless, it's a fascinating opportunity to trigger certain actions or even effect behavioural change by using game-like systems for encouragement and reward. The application of game principles to non-game contexts offers the potential to engage visitors or customers to repeatedly perform activities that would usually be considered as unpleasant. It's a way of user experience design that attaches greater weight to intrinsic motivational mechanisms than to real-world incentives. The fields of application range from learning, recruitment, productivity and corporate responsibility to change management, CRM and loyalty programs.

  • User Experience Design

    UX design nowadays is the commonly used term to describe a user-centred approach to design, test and improve the usability of interactive applications. Using a menu, website, app or touch display should work easy, fast and predictably. But still, evoking the perception "oh, this works as I expected it" is a special art. It requires exceptional craft skills and a passion for empathizing with the demands, experiences and cognitive preconditions of potential users. Effective and targeted UX design puts general and specific user needs in balance with our client's overall marketing strategy, communication goals or campaign purpose.

  • Prototyping and Concept Developement

    We understand agile production processes as an opportunity to verify initial ideas using touchable prototypes at an early stage. In our experience, clients feel much more confident and involved if key interactions can be experienced instead of just being described. Nevertheless a comprehensive concept document that incorporates all features, their interdependencies and required assets sets the ground for verifiable agreements concerning budget, timing and releases. Prototype and concept enable all involved parties to commit to a realistic shared vision before the production process actually begins.

The Team
Johannes, Concept, Game Design, UX Design

Johannes Mücke

Strategy | Concept | Game Design | UX Design

Johannes is an avid gamer with a strong focus on casual and puzzle games. He's been designing games, apps and interactive experiences since the late 90s and has worked for high end marketing clients such as Sony, BMW, VW, Nokia, Bacardi, Jacobs, Mondelēz International, OBI and Kia Motors. His profession is creating playful brand communication including effective mechanisms for dialogue, CRM and retention. He always keeps in mind both the big picture and the end-user perspective.

Jrg, Creative, Interface Design, 3D Modelling

Jörg Heinzelmann

Interface Design | 3D Modelling

Jörg is our creative who has gathered vast experience in visual communication for brands and companies such as Condor, Telekom, Tchibo, Nokia, BMW, Davidoff, Quelle and Europcar. His versatile interests go far beyond pure screen design. Thinking outside of the box, he experiments on the border between universal interaction processes and new technical possibilities. Thus he seeks to explore new grounds of interface design, 3D experiences and creative coding.

Clemens, Programming, 3D, Animation, Motion Design

Clemens Trüg

Programming | 3D Animation | Motion Design

Clemens is a natural generalist, our technical mastermind and problem solver when it comes to implementing games, applications or promotion mechanics to our client's technical infrastructure. His track record of innovation includes projects for ŠKODA, Pentax, Opodo, Diners Club, Nivea, Statista, Worldbank, Deloitte and Beiersdorf. He's our reliable source of amazement when we're commissioned to create characters, product presentations or 3D game assets.

  • Games for Brand Communication

    We offer full service game production for brands, companies and institutions ranging from strategic development of tailored game ideas to implementation, maintenance and on-going updates of your game, be it online, social or mobile. Our services for games that meet your marketing objectives in brief:

    • Game Idea

    • Prototyping

    • Clickdummies

    • UX Design

    • Wireframes

    • Concept Document

    • Game Design Doc

    • Interface Design

    • Level Design

    • Reward Systems

    • Social Interactions

    • Loyalty Programs

  • Gamification Mechanisms

    A serious gamification approach applies playful motivation and reward systems to your website, app, campaign or event in order to foster certain key performance indicators by your customers, users or fans. Usually, this requires a complete digital project set-up. We have comprehensive experiences in:

    • Digital Strategy

    • Creative Concept

    • Creative Direction

    • Information Archtitecture

    • UX Design

    • Screen Design

    • Project Management

    • Programming

    • Usability Testing